Established by Malta Enterprise, the Government of Malta’s Economic Development Agency, the Institute of Foreign Direct Investment Studies (IFDIS) blends over 50 years of experience in FDI attraction and management with the insights of leading academics and economists. It is a unique institution specialising in research, analysis, training and education related to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

With our unique hands-on experience and extensive network of both industry professionals as well as leading academics, we offer the highest quality research and training for FDI management to all stakeholders involved in the development of truly effective FDI attraction and retention strategies.

Our courses and knowledge-sharing approach ensure that public entities and private corporations are both given the tools they require in order to deliver tangible and quantifiable results in the attraction and management of foreign direct investment.

The principal objectives of IFDIS are to:
  • Conduct research in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) across various disciplines;
  • Coordinate international and interdisciplinary communication and cooperation between researchers with academic and other institutional affiliations;
  • Conduct contract research and consulting for international, national and sub-national EDAs and IPAs, national and local government, as well private corporations;
  • Develop and deliver standard and bespoke courses in economic development policy and FDI promotion and management (clients may be international, national and regional EDAs and IPAs, as well as private corporations).
  • Offer post-graduate education and training for executives of IPAs, that is relevant, effective, development-oriented, of high academic quality, and covering both ‘know-how’ and critical ‘know-why’;
  • Act as a forum for national, regional and international debate on FDI, its complex relationship with economic and social development;
  • Facilitate and promote good investment promotion practice, between practitioners, policy makers and scholars.

IFDIS is headquartered in Malta, at a crossroad between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, lying virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean, just 93km south of Sicily, and some 300km from the nearest African coastline. It takes just 2 to 3 hours to get to Malta by air from most European cities, with frequent and direct flights connecting the islands to most major European cities. Malta is thus the ideal meeting place for clients, students and academics from across the globe - endowed with a stable political and economic environment, as well as an efficient business climate, Malta is a top European location for business and investment.

Malta plays an active role in the shaping of the region’s geopolitical and economic landscape, being a full member of the European Union since 2004 and the euro zone since 2008. Malta also forms part of the Commonwealth and has hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting twice in the last decade.

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