We carry out evaluations, scoping visits and advise on training requirements, working with clients to adapt curricula, syllabi, teaching materials and testing, assessment and evaluation systems for Peace-Keeping English. Besides offering training in military language, our courses also impart communication skills and other knowledge essential to persons working in an international military environment. Additionally we train teachers and instructors for this purpose. Through in-country visits we carry out full language audits. Our advice and recommendations are fully evidence-based.

We provide multi-disciplinary teams with global experience, including former military personnel, English-language specialists, and experienced project managers to ensure that our products meet client expectations.

Our courses are certified to European standards by the Malta College of Art Science and Technology (MCAST) and incorporate a wide range of specialist content e.g. Customs, military, project-writing skills, diplomacy etc., depending on client’s needs. Through e-learning we turn courses into a life-long educational engagement.

Potential beneficiaries include military and humanitarian personnel, Civil Defence, personnel from Customs and Border management departments as well as wider audiences including Diplomatic Corps, Members of Parliament, Broadcasters, Chambers of Commerce and a variety of non-state actors.

As a bilingual, neutral country, Malta has significant experience in this area. English is an official language and the language of business, administration and tertiary education. There are well-established schools for the teaching of English to speakers of other languages, and Malta is well on the way to establishing itself as a hub for educational activity, with various international schools and universities now operating from Malta.

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